A senior developer with well over a decade of experience in delivering web-based projects to exacting technical standards.

In the past few years I've successfully managed hundreds of projects for well-known brands like Honda, Subaru, National Express, NHS, MG, Isuzu, Lotus and many more.

In the course of running these I've used a varied technology stack that includes both Linux and Windows systems. On the backend; PHP, Ruby, .NET, Node JS. Database systems; PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite plus various NoSQL systems.

Finally I have a proven record of delivering security-focussed projects which include working through PCI compliance and delivering £million+ e-commerce systems.

Latest Projects

Here's some of the latest open-source project work that I've been writing about

Introducing Stack Based Routing

A Useful Base Class for Doctrine Entities

Latest from the Blog

Some assorted technology write-ups

Leveraging Docker for Large Automotive Systems

Although Docker is a relatively new technology the promise of fast deploys to hundreds of containers was too good a prospect, so we trialled it with …

MG3 Model Launch Includes App-Brochure

To coincide with the launch of the new MG3 a new cross-platform app was comissioned to showcase the features and specs.

Creating a PHP and Nginx Dockerfile

As discussed in the previous article, I'm in the middle of a major project to build out a scalable hosting platform based on Docker.

Running PHP and Nginx on Docker

One of the major projects I'm undertaking at the moment is to gradually move a large hosting infrastructure onto Docker containers.

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