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Preschool Phonics Booster Course Ages 3-6

This course nurtures and motivates a love for reading and writing alongside a deeper understanding of the English language. It equips students with all of the early-literacy phonic techniques, strategies and methods needed to develop confidence and ability in all areas and thoroughly prepares students for Primary One.

  • Introduces children to all areas of phonic based English comprehension, reading and writing.
  • Using basic spoken vocabulary, children are assisted to connect sounds to words verbally.
  • To identify and produce the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet accurately.
  • To be able to hear, sound out and reproduce not just the phonemes but also digraphs and trigraphs.
  • Be able to isolate individual sounds of words (i.e. first, middle and last sounds)
  • Become confident at blending all sounds to produce words, sentences and longer written dialogues.
  • Children are introduced to, and will learn fast the common High Frequency Words and 'Tricky Words' that don't follow phonic rules.
  • To become aware of English language anomalies, unusual spellings and sounds, and recognise and apply common spelling patterns.
  • Children encouraged to gain confidence and strength in speaking aloud and reading their own written words.
  • The active, colourful and engaging sessions allow children to participate in and enjoy literacy based games, songs, stories, sounds and rhyme.
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Course Duration: 5 Weeks

Session Length: 90 Minutes

Course Cost: OFFER S$250 S$200

Primary Advanced Phonics and Literacy Booster Course Ages 7-11

This course is designed to build on intermediate English literacy comprehension and provide students with a rich and indepth understanding of the English language. It's mission is to capture students' love for learning so that they are able to profoundly develop their written and oral communication skills and excel to their fullest extent within school.

  • This course enables students to use their own phonics skills to practise reading more complex texts independently.
  • To focus on the meaning and context of what they read and write.
  • To be able to write answers to questions in complete sentences using a colourful and descriptive word pool.
  • They will be taught to apply basic/intermediate grammar concepts and use of tense correctly.
  • The emphasis on recognition and understanding of an increasing number of words without conscious effort is key.
  • They will learn to identify and use synonyms and antonyms of common words and be introduced to metaphor and simile.
  • To be assisted in expressing curiosity about new words and discovering meanings in context.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of texts and stories of increasing length and being able to follow a text consisting of multiple parts, to make predictions about story events.
  • ¬†Encouraged and helped to create their own collaborative and individual stories.
  • Identify characters and settings and engage with imaginative stories that are linked to a variety of cultures.
  • To be able to competently speak in public and out loud, with great use of dictation, enunciation, feeling and power.
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Course Duration: 5 Weeks

Session Length: 90 Minutes

Course Cost: OFFER S$250 S$200

Learning Phonics

With over 200 years of excellent credentials and outstanding studies, the Phonics method, has undoubtedly been proven as one of the most effective, proficient and successful strategies in teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language.

It teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves. Having phonemic knowledge allows children to make the important link between unfamiliar print words and their own spoken knowledge and attempt to read and write and build more complex words and sentences with their individually learnt phonic strategies.

Your child will be taught and assisted by a highly skilled teacher of Jolly Phonics, which is a systematic approach to teaching phonics by simplifying the 42 letter sounds into seven groups. Children are then taught five skills that cover letter sounds, letter formation, sound blending, sound listening in words and tricky words. The Jolly phonics approach can also be extremely helpful for children that are learning English as a second language.

How we Teach

Your child will be taught in small friendly groups of no more than four other age and ability similar children. All courses are run by a fully qualified Primary School Practitioner from the UK, who has over ten years experience as a whole classroom teacher, Early Learning Department Head, Special Education Co-Ordinator and Intervention Leader.

Your child's teacher has extensive experience in teaching and assisting children who have English as an additional language, both in working with small groups and on one to one engagement. Your child will be taught as an individual and his/her needs met at every step of the way. Lesson content will be personalised and differentiated to both challenge and scaffold your child. The sole aim is for each child to fulfil and maximise his/her potential and thoroughly achieve.

Our courses intentionally and explicitly teach the relationship between letters and sounds and more complex English literacy comprehension through play-based pedagogies. Lessons are dynamic, fun, colourful and engaging, they are manageable and each one builds schematically from the last. Your child's accomplished teacher will use story, rhyme, music and games to add meaning and emphasis to intonation, grammar, pronunciation and articulation. Children will learn how to write confidently, to read assuredly and be able to address and read aloud to a group with certaintly and poise. Each week there will be 'Take-Home's' for involvement with both parents and carers and for children to develop and build on what they have learnt within the session.

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