MG3 Model Launch Includes App-Brochure

To coincide with the launch of the new MG3 a new cross-platform app was comissioned to showcase the features and specs.

The brief was to produce a multi-platform app that would also be available online along with iOS and Android version for the relevant app stores.

As the technical lead for the project it was imperative to assess the best technology stack to deliver the requirements within a reasonable budget.

Cross platform web-views were the most efficient way to design this and so we initially created the web-based version using Ember JS. This proved to be an excellent framework to produce the front-end in, but we still faced a number of challenges in building the apps and relevant data into distributable products.

The Production Process

We needed a way to make the build process, to each of the platforms, as quick and seamless as possible so we took advantage of the Ember Data framework. This allowed us to output all of the vehicle data from the main site database into JSON format that could then be consumed via the EmberJS REST adapter.

Finally we used a GruntJS build script to output all of the platform specific code. To get a sneak peek at the web-based version, have a look at the MG3 app here.

The Original Creative