Leveraging Docker for Large Automotive Systems

30th May 2015

Although Docker is a relatively new technology the promise of fast deploys to hundreds of containers was too good a prospect, so we trialled it with …

Introducing Stack Based Routing

22nd August 2014

One of the major benefits of going framework-free in PHP is that you get to produce more modular, composable applications. Stack php is the first bui…

A Useful Base Class for Doctrine Entities

3rd August 2014

Get a bit of extra built in functionality for Doctrine Entity classes with this easy to use Base class.

Filesystem Agnostic Uploads With Doctrine ORM

29th May 2014

Managing file uploads for Doctrine ORM entities can take a fair amount of code to get setup. Here's a way to simplify the process with a drop-in Comp…

Simple Deploy Strategy for Capistrano 3

20th March 2014

This is part of a series of articles on rewriting a LAMP deploy stack to use Capistrano 3. The default behaviour of Capistrano is ideal for deploying…

Asset Bundling for Capistrano 3

3rd March 2014

his is part of a series of articles on rewriting a LAMP deploy stack to use Capistrano 3. Asset bundles are a simple way to optimise asset file servi…

Framework Independent Doctrine CLI Tools

24th February 2014

Most frameworks that integrate with Doctrine Migrations implement their own wrapper commands. If you want to use them independently you'll need a fai…

New Year, New Version of Phrocco

1st January 2014

Phrocco is a literate documentation generator for PHP code. This new version adds support for Composer based global installs as well as a much improv…

MG3 Model Launch Includes App-Brochure

10th December 2013

To coincide with the launch of the new MG3 a new cross-platform app was comissioned to showcase the features and specs.

Making PHP6 Better

9th December 2013

When you work day-in day-out with PHP the API consistency can be a bit tiresome. So it was time to do something about it. This is a project to propos…

Lightweight ORM for Doctrine DBAL

6th December 2013

When you need to prototype an app with database access it's occasionally nice to have a middle ground between writing raw queries and using a full OR…

Creating a PHP and Nginx Dockerfile

30th November 2013

As discussed in the previous article, I'm in the middle of a major project to build out a scalable hosting platform based on Docker.

Running PHP and Nginx on Docker

29th November 2013

One of the major projects I'm undertaking at the moment is to gradually move a large hosting infrastructure onto Docker containers.

WebGL Data Visualisation - via Bus

30th October 2013

In the course of running the main site for National Express Buses in the Midlands there's some great opportunities to do utilise the site data. As a …